About the Passionate People Program

It is our ultimate purpose and lifelong quest to assist people to ignite their passion, discover their passion and live their passion. Each of us needs to find our own reason to live a more meaningful life, to do the work that matters that is beyond our day to day existence, and create a positive legacy that others will enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

So, in that quest we have created a profound and dynamic program called Passionate People. It is designed to engage, enthuse and energise people to define what is meaningful to them, what matters to them and what’s most important to them. It is a three-quarter day workshop, with a 12 month support program focusing on this model …

The 4 key objectives of the Passionate People Program is aimed at assisting people to …

  • Create a stronger sense of personal and professional certainty so they find greater meaning and undertake work that matters.
  • Gain clarity about the personal and professional milestones they need to achieve to make the most valuable contribution to your business and their family.
  • Become more confident as a person within their role, your business and their industry.
  • Be consistent in their approach, attitude and actions so they create great momentum in their personal life and business role.

This is what company leaders thought of this program …

“Keith’s use of stories drawn from years of experience and blended with a smattering of humour, provided a memorable and thought provoking session which challenged us to pursue our dreams with passion! The impetus Keith provided at our conference has enabled individuals and teams to pursue their own personal and professional journeys with renewed vigour.”

David Dow—National Manager Advice Learning & Capability, Advice & Licensing Financial Advice Network

“The real value and impact of the Passionate People Program on our people was that it really gave the team a chance to step outside of the daily grind of corporate life and ask more questions about ‘the bigger why’. They enjoyed the fact that we had invested some time and resources into helping them, not just sell more, but in helping them discover their passions in life. From my perspective, the one key message our people took away from this program was to give yourself time to look at what’s important to you, write it down and share it. This program was practical, easy to comprehend and with some genuine actions to help you discover and achieve the things you are passionate about.”

Paul Rogers—General Manager, Consumer Imaging, FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd

“On behalf of everyone here at PPQ, I would like to thank you for delivering the excellent Passionate People Program. The feedback from your session has been brilliant—overwhelming positive, with team members saying it had opened them up to a whole new way of approaching planning and goal setting. Several reported it had significantly broadened their horizons and helped them better align personal and professional goals. It was also a useful team building exercise, with everyone

feeling quite energised at sharing their goals with the rest of the team. We are confident this program will lead to us to stronger business outcomes, as well as assisting in the professional development of our staff.”

Ian Andrew—General Manager, Personalised Plates Queensland

“The real value and impact of the Passionate People Program on our people was that staff took the time to spend on themselves and created personal and business goals and got into action. The key message our people took away was the value of spending time to think about what you want to do, be passionate about what you are doing or change it and get into action. A must do program. One that should be part of a school curriculum for all children.”

Pina Sciarrone—Head of Retail, Adviser Services AIA Australia Limited

“The real value and impact of the Passionate People Program on our people was that it demonstrated that we are prepared to invest time and resources into understanding what is personally important to them. It also complimented the coaching framework of our people leaders, by providing a deeper framework and knowledge of personal goal setting. From my perspective, the one key message our people took away from this program was once the why is understood the how becomes easy. This Program is a must for those who are committed to understanding the motivators of the people they lead. Of high personal relevance in understanding our own motivators.”

Paul Fog—General Manager, National Australia Bank Financial Planning

If you would like to speak to Keith about conducting the program in your organisation, please send us an email.